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Matrix L33 - 360º High Pressure

The Matrix bed offers the finest level of tanning in the industry and is one of the the only TRUE, 360º high pressure tanning beds in the area. Surrounded by the sun, almost suspended in mid air, the tanning experience is luxurious and satisfying. The top and bottom center lamp banks oscillate for a complete and even tan. In 12 minutes or less, your customers will achieve a deep, dark golden tan unequaled by anything in the tanning world.

iDome Swing

A stand-up tanning bed with flawless looks and features, the iDome Swing Tanning Bed from UWE will bring a revolutionary tanning experience to any tanner! Step into the greatest stand-up tanning bed available on the market today, with 55 total lamps placed perfectly to tan the face, shoulders and body. Flawless features are included in this model, such as the AromaTherapy System, MP3 jack / port, MistyBreeze System and so much more. A perfect all around tan in just 8 short minutes.

ERGO 650

The Ergoline 650 High Pressure Combo bed will give you the ultimate tan. The comfort features and climate control create the most relaxing and enjoyable tanning experience. The 12 HP lamps in the canopy along with the UV lamps in the base, side, and shoulder area will give you a deep, long lasting, all over even tan. It's the best of both worlds! This bed will take your tan to the next level. It is recommended for advanced tanners only after a base tan is achieved or a base has already been established.


Get an amazing tan with this European, efficient masterpiece. It can produce a great tan in as little as 1 to 3 sessions. It offers maximum tanning results, with a short average tanning session of 8-10 minutes. This bed has 5 times the bronzing results as the medium pressure Lotus, with a larger tanning surface. This large, elliptical shaped tanning bed ensures that every part of your body gets incredible tanning results….leaving no body parts untouched. Its is recommended to do 3 tanning sessions every other day for the first week, and then 1 tan per week to maintain a golden healthy color. It also provides an air conditioned environment, a cool breezy mist, and separate No-Burn Facial tanners, that can be adjusted to your perfect setting.

Palm/GenX 42-8 Tanning Tunnel

The GenX 42-8 contains 42 Cosmolux VHR 9K90 160 watt lamps for Virtual HP performance, and eight 400 watt high pressure facial lamps. Unlike some other beds, the GenX 42-8 uses full 6-foot (F71) 160 watt lamps instead of shorter 5-foot (F59) 140 watt lamps. And for those tanners who feel that the 8 facial lamps are just too intense, they can be adjusted from 'turbo' to 'soft' setting for a slightly less dramatic experience.

Suncapsule Cyclone

For those who prefer to tan while standing, the Sun Capsule Cyclone VHR tanning systems have 4-5 times the UVA tanning power of a conventional tanning bed, providing the quickest, darkest all-over tan. Sun Capsule lamps utilize the highest levels of UVA (which browns your skin) and low levels of UVB (which burns your skin), which is ideal for tanners who want a quick boost of melanin production to deepen their color.

Double Shot

A total of 61 lamps provide tremendous tanning power in a short 10-minute session. On the top, shot one is the new Cosmolux VHR 200 9K90 lamp. This version of the famous VHR 9K90 lamp is not only stronger (180 watts instead of 160), but also longer (79 inches vs 71 inches). Shot two on the top is provided by 31 spaghetti lamps, sandwiched between the VHR 200 9K90 lamps over the entire length of the canopy! These 31 lamps give an extra tanning boost to the face, body and legs. The bottom of the Double Shot uses Cosmolux VHR 160 9K90 lamps.


The 3000X-SF has 30 Cosmolux VHR bronzing lamps, 16 in the top and 14 in the lounge. A 400 watt high intensity facial lamp adds an extra blast of power to the face. The 3000X-SF has a 15-minute maximum session.

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