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In preparation for your first VersaSpa® experience, we'd like to share a few of the tips and tricks we've learned to help you get the most out of your sunless tan.

Before coming to your Sunburst Bay Tanning Salon:

Exfoliate Your Skin
VersaSpa® works best on skin that has recently been exfoliated, so be sure to gently exfoliate before coming in for your session.

Shave or Wax
Doing this shortly after your sunless tan has been applied may shorten its lifespan, so prior to using VersaSpa® try to be cleanly shaven and waxed.

Wear Dark, Loose-Fitting Clothes
Although the drying mechanism in the VersaSpa® system makes it safe to wear clothes immediately after application, it may be possible for some of the solution to rub off if clothes are too tight. If this happens, the formula is more visible on white or light colored clothes (although it is water-soluble and will easily come off in the washer). So, our advice is to wear dark-colored, loose-fitting clothes. Shorts or sweats and a dark T-shirt are perfect.

During Your VersaSpa® Session:
Relax! Just follow the instructions and have fun. You may find that a VersaSpa® session can be just as indulging as tanning in a bed!

After You Leave the Salon:
Wait Before Showering! You must wait a minimum of four hours before showering, but we'd recommend waiting four to six hours, if possible.

Moisturize Your Skin
Talk to a Tanning Consultant for advice on the best moisturizing lotions to extend a sunless tan. Use this lotion right after your first shower for maximum, long-lasting results.

Keep in Mind the Post-Sunless "Don'ts":
Don't exercise or extensively sweat until after your first shower.
Don't put on make-up or any other skin products until after your first shower.
Don't use a highly chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub at any point during your tan.

With these tips and tricks in mind, your VersaSpa® session is certain to be a golden success.
Come to your Sunburst Bay Tanning salon location today to start your journey toward sunless bliss.


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