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VersaSpa® is Sunburst Bay Tanning's premium sunless tanning system, giving you instant color with no UV light exposure. This beautiful tan will set between four and six hours after your session and it lasts up to seven days.

VersaSpa® is the absolute latest and greatest technology in sunless tanning. With features that enhance both your tan and your overall experience, it's clear that VersaSpa® was thoughtfully designed with the desires of the tanner in mind. To demonstrate these features, let us walk you through a typical VersaSpa® tanning session.

When you begin your session, you'll be pleased to see that although VersaSpa® is a very private booth, it features an open-concept for added comfort. Once you step inside, you can customize your tan by choosing which formula or formulas to use: the world-renowned bronzing solution (in clear or bronze), the anti-aging formula, the UV skin-defining maximizer, or all of the above. Unlike some sunless solutions, VersaSpa® solutions are plant-based for a more natural, even color.

Once the tanning application begins, a fine mist is evenly distributed across your body. A specially designed exhaust system is activated for easy breathing during the process. Afterward, the booth dries you automatically, leaving you ready to dress with no sticky, after-tan feel.
From beginning to end, VersaSpa® operates quietly and quickly and leaves you with a classy, UV-free glow.

Is VersaSpa® right for you?

If you answer "Yes" to the following questions, VersaSpa® may be the smartest equipment option for you.

• Do you want a radiant tan within a few hours?
• Would you like a sunless tan?
• Are you uninterested in building a tolerance to UV light exposure for outdoor burn protection?
• Do you like the idea of an airbrushed tan but want to make sure it is even and natural looking?
• Do you want to use equipment that is compatible with any skin type, even fair skin?

Ask a consultant today about your airbrush tanning session today!


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